100% Remote: Black-owned co-op hiring Event Producers and a Digital Strategist

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4 weeks ago

Position Description: Event Producers & Digital Strategist

Founded in 2017, Crux is the only company focusing solely on bringing XR (virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality) artistic content from Black creators to mainstream users and audiences. Our core values are rooted in liberation movements, as well as anti-racism and anti-oppression principles. They serve as a counter-narrative to traditional ways of building a revenue-driven business, and place a strong focus on being human-centered, building community, and leading with trust. Specifically, we believe in:

Shared Leadership; Joyfulness; Abundance; and Moving slowly and thoughtfully.

We aim to solve two clear problems: 1.) Black artists and arts organizations continue to struggle to build sustainable businesses that prioritize ownership, necessitating the development of new, scalable revenue streams; and 2.) there are no companies expressly supporting and distributing XR content from Black creators, resulting in a severe lack of diverse representation within the XR industry.

As we enter the second third decade of the twenty-first century, the race to control the development of virtual spaces and communities is occurring largely without input from or recognition of creators from the Black Diaspora. The industry continues to develop without a widespread, critical analysis of the impact of white supremacy on narrative and design. Mainstream XR companies create race-blind (or race-neutral) storyworlds that fail to depict Black characters, Black voices, and the lived experiences of Black people.

Crux’s work is multifaceted. We have partnered with foundations and social impact investors to assist them in learning more about immersive storytelling. We have supported emerging creators as they develop XR projects. We have also hosted events and salons to build the community of Black creators actively experimenting and innovating in the XR space. For the past several years, Crux has been able to step into the gap to provide these creators with technical assistance, a burgeoning model for capitalization and, perhaps most importantly, an intentional, vibrant community focused on ensuring that Black storytelling is at the vanguard of the immersive revolution.

As COVID-19 demands a fundamental reset of how we work, play, learn, and share, Crux has pivoted to lend our expertise to organizations seeking to be social while distant. To that end, our team has started providing curated, bespoke event production and support to innovative organizations as they transition to creating incredible immersive experiences for their audiences. We have or are currently working on projects with social justice aligned organizations such as Black Public Media, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Urban Bush Women, the International Documentary Association, and GRX Immersive.

We are currently seeking talented folx with technical experience in TV/film production, live-streaming, podcast development, and large scale event production to join our team as Event Producers. We are also hoping to identify a strategist (title TBD) with a background in marketing, advertising, social media, data analytics, or community building to build and implement a clear, coherent growth plan across our website(s), social media handles, and the crux.coop platform.

You can learn more about our work on our website (which needs updating, hence the need to hire!) or in this recently published article. You can also learn why this job description doesn’t contain any arbitrary educational or other firm requirements in this article featuring our co-founder who also leads Fractured Atlas.

As an organization operating with democratic, cooperative principles, most things, including pay, are transparent. Starting pay is $125/hour. Before we agree to work together over the long haul and join the cooperative, we ask that you hop onto at least three contracts (paid at $125/hour, of course!) to see if we like working together. In terms of benefits, we’re building them in response to what our members want, and our current timetable for health insurance is January 1, 2021.

If you’re interested in learning more about our work, or think you’d be a fun, ridiculous contributor to the team, send us an email at info@crux.black. Looking forward to getting to know you!