Senior Producer

South Bend, IN / Chicago, IL

1 month ago

We are looking for an innovative, enthusiastic, and accomplished Senior Producer to lead our award-winning video team. For the past four years, Grotto Network’s video team has been telling stories across the globe and across a wide array of human experiences. The Senior Producer is charged with leading this team of filmmakers and ensuring the growth of Grotto’s mission in storytelling.

Candidate should have strong portfolio of video content, particularly in documentary filmmaking, but also have an understanding of the latest trends in social media platforms. The Senior Producer should also have experience leading production teams, as they will oversee both the in-house Grotto production staff and outside freelance producers.

Candidate should have firm knowledge of Grotto’s mission and experience in storytelling, and a desire to further develop and push the envelope with our content.

About Grotto

Grotto Network launched on November 26, 2017 with an aim to become the premiere digital media network for Catholic young adults. Our website ( and social media presence offer new content daily to help young adults navigate life, make an impact, and keep the faith — we share stories and insights about living life boldly.

Created by the University of Notre Dame, Grotto Network targets a broad audience of Catholic young adults aged 18–34 in the United States and around the world. Though our audience includes Notre Dame students and young alumni, Grotto is not Notre Dame-branded, and aims to reach an audience that extends beyond the Notre Dame family. The University intends Grotto to be a gift for the Church.

Grotto’s mission is to reverse the decline of religious affiliation in the United States. In 1986, 10% of 18–29 year olds were religiously unaffiliated — by 2016, that number had grown to nearly 40%. Today, barely 1 in 10 self-identified Catholics born after 1990 attend Mass weekly; more than half say they attend Mass “seldom” or “never.” Grotto Network is innovating ways to use new media to engage and accompany young adult cultural Catholics — to encourage and guide them back to communities of faith by putting tools and strategies into the hands of parishes, dioceses, and campus ministers.

We are going about this digital outreach by taking seriously the lives of young adults who are not actively committed to faith. There are many Catholic media platforms speaking to audiences of committed disciples, but few are reaching out to those who are lost or seeking. Our stories and insights are aimed at building trust and inspiring curiosity so that the disaffiliated can see the Church as a resource, as a community that shares their concerns and hopes. This is the work of pre-evangelization — laying the groundwork for further faith engagement by meeting people on a human level and inspiring them to seek for more in life.

GOALS OF GROTTO NETWORK: Create high-quality digital content that attracts a community of seekers. Discover and exemplify best practices in digital (pre)evangelization. Resource campus, parish, and diocesan ministries so they can also digitally accompany young adults who are not in their networks. Strategize with those ministries to translate their widening digital network into more in-person participation in their communities of faith. One thing that distinguishes Grotto in the landscape of Catholic media is the quality of our stories, especially in video — the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences – Chicago/Midwest Chapter has recognized Grotto’s mini-documentaries with six Emmy Awards. Our writing and design are earning praise as well — Grotto has won Catholic Media Association national honors the past two years for top-of-class written, design, and social media content.

GROTTO NETWORK AT A GLANCE: More than 2 million unique visitors have viewed content on our website. More than 4.5 million viewers have =watched our videos on YouTube. 25,000 followers across all of our social media channels. Grotto’s weekly newsletter has 4,000 subscribers and a 40% open rate. Grotto works with more than 100 freelancers from around the world to create videos, written stories, photos, and illustrations.