Remote / USA

1 month ago

We hire unique people from lots of different backgrounds. What we have in common is the desire to collaborate and solve the complex challenges of growing businesses and organizations.

Who you are
* You’re a natural collaborator with experience working as part of a team.
* You can use data to develop, validate, and refine ideas.
* You’re curious and good at asking questions to solve complex problems.
* You’ve been hands-on making something you’re passionate about.
* You like figuring out how systems and processes can work better.
* You’re willing to learn new things on the job, and to give and receive feedback.
* You’re excited by diverse perspectives, ideas, and experiences.

Why work at Part and Sum?
* Autonomy Each team member has clarity and support in their role, but is also given the freedom to tackle work in their own way. Bring your own perspectives and approaches.
* Creativity in systems We build businesses and entire systems. Marketing is a starting point, not the sum of our impact.
* Craft We support your career growth through thoughtful work, collaboration, and professional development opportunities.
* Our expectations match your own We’re a team of smart, driven folks doing the best work of our careers. We have high expectations, but support each other in achieving them.
* Ownership We’re in this together, and believe everyone’s incentives should be aligned. We share profits, equity, and our business health metrics with the full team. * Tight feedback loops We believe in clear feedback and effective communication. We ask a lot of questions and work together to find answers.
* Good enough > perfect We’re not interested in perfection. It doesn’t exist. We learn by putting good-enough things in the market as soon as possible and iteratively improving.
* We’re kind We’re a thoughtful, nice, and considerate bunch of people. The world has enough jerks.
* We have fun We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

This is a US-based remote role.