Communications Strategist


1 week ago

We are hiring: Communications Strategist *Help us use research and strategy to change the world * We are Black Sheep, a cause-driven creative and brand strategy agency that works with impactful companies and organizations to activate communities around things that matter. We are recruiting for a Communications Strategist.

*Communications Strategist Job Description * As Communications Strategist you'll be a bold, strategic thinker and continuous learner, using your curiosity and drive to understand the world to support and develop brand, campaign and marketing strategies for our clients. You are skilled at conducting research, analyzing data and pulling insights and patterns from what you’ve learned. You’ll generously share those insights and patterns with your teammates, documenting your research with precision and developing summaries and briefs that inspire and inform our team’s best work. Last but not least, you’ll act as a tactical consultant to your clients—using your well-rounded digital and marketing knowledge to strategize with them on the best ways to reach audiences.

You are ready to:

  • Generate smart, sustainable strategies & communications plans that are rooted in research and connect the dots between client work and current culture.
  • Build on your already solid knowledge of research methods and tools, using a robust internal toolbox that will allow you to deploy the right types of research for each of your projects.
  • Be a generous communicator of research findings, strategic highlights and context to both your internal team and your clients, anticipating their needs and thinking steps ahead to ensure everyone has the information they need.
  • Use your well-rounded digital and marketing knowledge and risk-tolerant innovator mindset to provide communications consulting to our team and clients, being a vocal participant in brainstorms, generating smart ideas quickly and having sharp instincts for how to stretch, question and pivot our strategies day-to-day.

Your day might include:

Strategy Research, Development and Activation

  • Developing research plans and roadmaps with mentorship from the Strategy Director
  • Engaging directly in data collection, taking ownership of producing research deliverables and conducting the research first-hand in partnership with the project team
  • Recording and coding gathered data, summarizing interview transcripts and highlighting important themes, creating bibliographies and research hubs for desk research, summarizing survey data into easy-to-read reports, etc.
  • Communicating research findings to stakeholders in draft mode and in final presentations, also writing email updates, briefs and reports when needed
  • Staying in researcher mode up until presentation day, keeping an eye out for new information, news articles, alerts, client milestones and political shifts that may change how our work is perceived or necessitate a change in direction
  • Providing a sounding board for strategic decisions, weighing them against research findings and supporting the Strategy Director by giving feedback and asking clarifying questions
  • Using well-rounded marketing and advertising knowledge to think about how our strategies will be implemented and identifying ideas for how to bring the strategy to life in later phases
  • Developing robust, research-backed tactical and comms plans in partnership with your project team(s)
  • Collaborating with digital and creative teams to ideate, select and develop the right tactical approaches—mapping each approach to audience groups, key messages, KPIs and timelines
  • Developing channel or initiative-specific strategies in partnership with digital and creative teams, contributing to ideating sessions, overseeing the production of your strategies and ensuring a cohesive, strategic approach

Creative Development and Brand Foundations

  • Developing calls-to-action, key messaging points and recommended emphasis points based on research and well-rounded marketing knowledge
  • Contributing to brand architecture, naming and brand development work
  • Conducting research to support the naming process, looking into potential pitfalls, word associations, available digital properties, copyrights/trademarks and other implications of name selection

Strategy Leadership

  • Supporting Strategy Director on managing vendors and tools
  • Staying on top of current events—subscribing to newsletters, setting Google alerts and following all client channels, bringing a constant flow of resources and updates to the team as strategies are being developed and implemented
  • Participating in brainstorms with the creative team, bringing relevant and unexpected ideas to the table as creative work is being developed
  • Identifying learning opportunities for the team, attending webinars and lectures and providing notes and takeaways so learnings can be shared and maximized

Job Requirements Below is a description of the traditional experience that can lead to strength in this role, but we are background agnostic and value candidates with different and unique work histories. Please, share your experience with us and tell us why you believe you'd be a strong candidate for this strategy role.

  • 2-4 years of relevant experience in which you have conducted, analyzed and presented findings on multiple types of market research, as well as provided marketing consulting on multi-channel brands or campaigns
  • Exceptional organizational skills with attention to detail
  • Understanding of the creative process, marketing and branding best practices and the nuanced digital landscape
  • Experience measuring marketing initiatives and reporting on results—Google Analytics, Sprout Social, email or other similar platforms
  • Strong, concise, creative writing skills
  • Advanced communication skills, including both written (documents and presentations) and interpersonal communication skills
  • Confidence and poise to successfully present strategy or program recommendations to clients
  • Ability to confidently handle 3-4 client projects simultaneously
  • Tendency to identify problems/challenges early and provide suggested solutions
  • A strong demonstration of learner and opportunity/growth mindsets
  • Ability to thrive in new/uncharted work assignments, situational ambiguity and messy problems
  • Strong time management skills and comfort level with tracking and documenting time
  • A desire to work in a high-trust environment where comfort with autonomy and self-direction are a must
  • Location: Remote, but located and approved to work within North America

Salary Range

$55,000 to $80,000