Senior Full Stack Web Developer - *POC,women,LGBT encouraged


3 weeks ago

*Encouraging women and people of color (LGBT welcomed) to connect.

Location: Remote working (or Portland, OR), must be US-based.

Time Commitment: Flexible working schedule, initially will start part time, and will move to full-time with launch.

Role & Skill Set: Full stack Developer, I am looking for a partner who will want to grow with the business long term, into a leadership role in 2021, although it will start part-time.

Compensation: $80,000-90k full time, annually with prior experience building online marketplaces and complex tools. May start out on contract/part-time.

The project: Our purpose is to transform how we bring live music to the world, by making it easier to find, book, and build relationships with artists. We envision a world where the soul-fueling, people-connecting power of live sound can thrive (not just survive), when entertainment reopens.

AmptUp is a startup online marketplace dedicated to transforming music culture, increasing equity for minority groups, making it easier for musicians to make money, and making life easier and less risky for venues.  The primary function is to connect artists with paying venues, and to return a portion of every payment to support artists.

Primary goals: To make it easier for musicians to make a living with their work. To improve equality for women, people of color, and LGBT communities in music. To transform music culture so that any city can become a “music city,” so that live music is infused everywhere.

Scope: Design or build an online marketplace that seamlessly, simply, and beautifully brings together venues and musicians.

Lead all development and build your team

Complex coding needed to create database algorithms, as well as to build: map/tour routing tool calendar tools that allow visibility to selected users, as well as holds, reservations, and ability to bulk add available time slots. Streaming music discovery tool from music uploaded by users. And more (clean inbox messaging, profiles with music/photos/video/downloadable files, transaction function to process payment and open gated information) * the needed tools will likely need to be built from scratch due to additional features/filters. Existing widgets/integrations are unlikely to meet our needs.

Track metrics, produce regular reports, and analyze A/B testing

Qualities in an ideal candidate: Technical qualities: Experience designing and coding complex functionality and online marketplaces. If you do not have previous experience building marketplaces, please explain why your experience enables you to handle the complex coding needs and creativity required to make this a success. This person will provide all tech recommendations including platforms and integrations to use.

Someone with passion for: Finding simple, beautiful solutions to complex problems Building communities with smart digital tools Creating equality for women and people of color through our work, and in our workplace

Someone who is: Conscientious: do what you say you’ll do Dedicated to the mission Able to self-manage, guide and direct based on your expertise. Humble, prioritizes listening Gritty, doesn’t run away or shut down when the going gets tough or someone is misunderstood. Building something great and sticking to the mission when the going gets tough is hard work with many unknowns. Revolutionary spirit, ready to change entrenched systems that have spillover affects into our everyday lives. Curious and Explorative, to not only find new solutions, but to enhance daily communications, and to create systems that are truly innovative with curiosity at its base. Kind.

Statement of diversity & justice: We believe diverse backgrounds and perspectives are not simply ideal, but critical to our future, the music industry, and the people we serve. We believe justice is an active pursuit, not a passive stance. As such, we place special emphasis on candidates from underrepresented racial, ethnic, religious, gender association, sexual orientation, economic, (dis)ability, and cultural backgrounds which will increase the diversity of our organization and help us strive toward justice on those (and other) fronts.

If you’re interested: - Please reach send your portfolio, and specific details about your work to . If you do not have previous experience building marketplaces, please explain why your experience enables you to handle the complex coding needs and creativity required to make this a success.