Temporary Full-Time Archivist/Project Manager

Brooklyn, NY

3 weeks ago

The Gates Preserve Archive (TGPA) has an immediate opening for a temporary full-time archivist/project manager in Brooklyn, NY to develop an archive of a public figure for a full-time, estimated 2-year engagement. We are seeking an entrepreneurial archivist with exceptional interpersonal skills and respect for hip hop culture who can support our client in realizing the full potential of their archival collection. As a member of The Gates Preserve Archive team, the Archivist will work with the Senior Archivist to guide the long-term project, support our colleagues, and provide high-quality archival consulting services.


The Gates Preserve Archive (TGPA) is a New York City-based organization, a collective of multi-hyphenates with a passion to preserve history in the making. We are a lean 5-person team with an expansive advisory board.


TGPA works with public figures, content creators, and brands to create, curate, and monetize archives. The Archive was birthed from credits and liner notes. After discovering what databases and collections were missing to authenticate street lore, a conclusion was formed: archiving is a statement of value. Though people of color have always had archives, only the wealthy currently benefit from the professional services that archives, museums, and libraries provide. Until now. Enter The Gates Preserve, where we’re building a central digital storage repository, making the archiving and licensing opportunities previously reserved for the few available to the many.


The archivist will:

develop an archive that captures the impact our client has had on popular culture and preserve their growing legacy

catalog, digitize, contextualize, preserve, create frameworks and systems

work primarily in the client's archive, and coordinate with a Senior Archivist, object photographer, producer, data scientist, and appraiser


Conceive and design, in collaboration with the Senior Archivist, the client’s archive

Process collections to archival standards, including the creation of access to collections

Identify appropriate and realistic solutions addressing current circumstances, aspirations, and objectives

Initiate and participate in outreach, reference, and collection development activities

Work with staff to digitize assets and manage metadata structuring

Write reports that include archives-related recommendations, prioritized implementation plans, and budgets

Interact with client liaisons and employees at all levels of an organization

Travel occasionally to assess additional current and potential storage spaces

Represent The Gates Preserve Archive in every aspect of professional work and responsibilities, including helping to maintain the firm’s reputation, client relationships, and network of archivist colleagues


We are seeking an entrepreneurial archivist with exceptional interpersonal skills who has deep knowledge of Black American history and culture, specifically the 1980s-2000s. Understanding of core archival knowledge areas, plus 2+ years experience implementing archival projects/programs or a Master’s degree in archival studies. Experience processing analog and digital archival collections. Must be comfortable presenting and speaking publicly, and sharing archival knowledge with non-archivist audiences.

We are a values-based enterprise. We welcome new team members that see the value in their own legacy, lead with gratitude, and care deeply about data. This role requires:

The highest moral character and integrity

Enthusiasm, commitment, and a positive attitude

Flexibility and dependability

A collaborative, team-oriented work ethic

Ability to manage time effectively and balance multiple priorities

Accuracy and attention to detail

This position will include moving and lifting priceless items within and between the archive’s headquarters and off-site facilities.

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Compensation: $75,000/yr

Reports to: Senior Archivist

Start Date: Mon, December 6, 2021

Principle Relationships: Senior Archivist, Director of Administration, Object Photographer, Archival Researcher, Producers


Our goal is to go from application to offer in 2 weeks.

To apply, please send the following to thegatespreserve@gmail.com with the subject line: Archivist Position [Your name]”.


Video (up to 2 min) that explains why you chose archiving as a career path and talk about something in your personal collection and why it's worthy of preservation

3+ references (include email addresses, phone numbers, and a short blurb for each one)



Quick 30-minute video conference with a Gates Preserve Team member to learn more about your career goals and experiences, and share more about TGPA.

While we conduct references, we ask candidates to create a case for archiving the collection of a major pop culture icon in Google Slides, Keynote, Canva, Powerpoint (or another dynamic presentation platform); the goal is to have candidates demonstrate research abilities, written/visual communication skills, and knowledge of the culture.

45-minute video conference with Senior Archivist to deep dive on your background in relation to the position, determine values & principles fit for both sides.

In-person interview with archiving client.


Onboarding - write-up of your role, projects, responsibilities, and success metrics.

The Gates Preserve Archive is an equal opportunity employer. People of all ages, races, ethnicities, national origins, religions, genders, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, and individuals protected by any other statuses under federal, state, or local laws, including but not limited to, disability, marital, domestic partnership, familial, caregiver, transgender, military or veteran statuses, are encouraged to apply. #AllPeoplePullUp